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COSS (Companions of St. Stephen)






Food, Preparation, Reception, Setup and Cleanup    
Terry Steinmetz


  To Audubon Hospital
  Joan Nitzkin 

  To the Homebound/Sick


Mary Jo Thompson


Mary Ann Schubert


Vernon Weikel


Steve DaPonte

Social Concerns Ministry

The mission of the Social Concerns Committee is to facilitate communications and guidance between the Social Concerns committees and the members Parish and Parish Council.

   This group prepares a buffet luncheon for the families of our deceased parishioners following the funeral

   service. The ministry includes coordinating and receiving the food prepared by parish members, setting

   out the food at the appropriate time, and cleaning up the area afterwards. (Set-up and removal of

   tables and chairs is not included as part of this ministry and is the responsibility of parish staff.)

    HOSS is the Parish Health Ministry group whose members work to improve the overall health and safety

    of our community. Members only need to have an interest in the health and safety of mind, body and

    spirit—(do not have to be in the medical field). Ways to be involved in HOSS include, but not limited to:

    Blood Drives, Health and Safety Fairs, Screenings, Homebound visitation and letter writing, Prayer 

    Services, Weight Loss Programs, Exercise Programs, Educational Programs or any of the many sub-

    committees to name a few.

 Parich Nursing (Sub-Group of HOSS)
    The Parish Nurse Committee (FCN Faith Community Nurses) is a group of Registered Nurses (RN) who 

    have received additional training in faith-centered nursing. They come together on a volunteer basis to

    use their time, talent, and treasures to aid the spiritual, physical, and mental health of SSM. The

    primary focus of this ministry is on the promotion of wellness of mind, body, and spirit through prayer,

    education, referrals, and screenings.

Community Health and Safety Fair
     Volunteers help HOSS provide this free event to all in the community. Usually held in early fall, people       can help by working the event, setup and cleanup, promoting, planning or praying for those involved.         This event has activities for all ages.

COSS (Companions of St. Stephen) (sub group of the Parish Health Ministry)
     This Ministry is a Caring for the Caregiver Ministry. It gives a few hours of non-medical relief and peace       of mind for the caregivers who provide 24-7 care for a loved one. You will be giving the caregiver a     

     much needed break knowing that their loved-one is safe while they have a brief time to themselves.

     Volunteers must be a responsible adult or young adult who will be screened by the current chair of

     COSS and each volunteer will receive an orientation to the Ministry.

(COSS) Visitiation Ministry (sub group of the Parish Health Ministry)
     This ministry is to provide some visitation or connection to our parishioners who are homebound, in

     assisted living/nursing homes or who are ill. Members will make calls or visits to let these parishioners

     know that they are part of our church family even though they are not able to be active. This is an

     additional contact from the parish in addition to Communion Ministers, Clergy, Parish Nurses, etc.

Health Professional Pool
     This group works with the Parish Nurse Committee to use their specialty health training in events that

     minister to the SSM Community on an “as needed basis”. Ways to be involved include but are not

     limited to: HOSS activities, blood pressure screenings, school screenings, educational offerings, health

     and safety fair, etc. This group includes but is not limited to anyone in the health field (doctors,

     nurses, EMT, CMT, psychology, social workers, audiology, nutritionist, pharmacy, dentist,

     pharmaceutical sales, physical therapists, etc.).

New Life Ministry (sub-group of the Parish Health Ministry)
    This ministry welcomes parents and caregivers that are anticipating a new member to their family,

    (whether it is through a pregnancy or adoption) to the SSM Community. If you are a parent expecting a

    new child, parent of a child under 4 years old, a grandparent of an expecting family or of a child under

    4 years old, an adult 18 years of age or older that cares for a child 4 years old or less, or interested in

    the ministry for new parents and children 4 years old or less. Visitation, various educational offerings,

    prayer and support are all part of this ministry.

SSM Grief Ministry (sub-group of the Parish Health Ministry)
    This ministry is for bereavement care of those parishioners who have experienced a loss of some kind.
    Activities of this ministry may include but are not limited to prayer, funeral home visitation, follow-up

    contact, educational offerings on grief and parish presence for those who have suffered grief.

Holy Communion Ministers: To Audubon Hospital and/or SSM Homebound
    Individuals involved in this ministry take Communion to patients at Audubon Hospital and also to the

    sick and homebound members of the Parish Community.

Martha's Cooks

    Dedicated to the patroness of cooks, St. Martha, this ministry provides an evening meal to those

    parishioners unable to prepare their own. By offering food and companionship we are reminded of the

    connection we all share with one another. We are all “active” vital members of the SSM Parish


Respect Life Team
    The mission of this organization is to educate, inform and bring awareness to the importance of the

    sanctity of life with the utmost respect and dignity from conception to grave. At the same time, it gives
    parishioners the opportunity to respond to the various needs of the people to whom we minister.

St. Vincent DePaul Society
    This organization leads men and women to join together to grow spiritually by offering person-to-person

    service to the needy and suffering, making no distinction to those served, because in them, members

    see the face of Christ.

Dare to Care Volunteers
    The Dare to Care Food Pantry is open on Wednesdays from 4:00 – 5:30 P.M. to distribute free food items
    provided by the Dare to Care Food Bank.

Other parish groups and parishioners can help to broaden the food pantry selection with donations of paper products (toilet tissue, paper towels, Kleenex, etc).  Volunteers are needed on Wednesdays to help with set-up, clean up and distribution of food pantry items and to assist pantry guests in loading items into their cars.


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